During the month of November, the SAWYER partnership implemented a survey among more than 50 experts in Circular Economy and furniture sector. Before the survey, SAWYER experts and partners identified a list of key legal and voluntary instruments (and other strategies and policies) affecting the strength of the transition of the EU furniture industry toward a more circular economy. Survey respondents were required to evaluate the probability and impact of different forecasted scenario related to each of these instruments.

The results of this survey have been collected, analysed and presented in this report: Sawyer Forecasting Survey Results. In this report, in addition to the numerical evaluation of all the data collected (mean value and standard deviation of probability and impact), all comments and contributions from all respondents are available, contributing to better understanding the details and implications of the forecasted scenarios. This document has already been used as the key working document for the SAWYER workshop that took place in Brussels on the 4th of December and involved 20 experts from across Europe. Workshop results will be available during next weeks.

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