We are glad to publish this relevant SAWYER report, which aim is to provide a forecasted scenario of the situation and evolution of the EU furniture sector in 2030, in relation to the impact of the sector transition toward a more Circular Economy. This forecasted scenario has been developed looking at the expected evolution in 2030 of the main legislative and voluntary instruments and other policies and strategies that can affect the EU furniture sector transition toward a more circular economy. Moreover, aspects related to the sector future trends and its digitization have been as well taken into consideration.

This report is the result of a research process implemented in the framework of the SAWYER project and it was based on two main activities. The first one was a forecasting survey implemented among 50 European Experts from 15 EU countries. The second step was an international Workshop organized in Brussels and involving 20 Experts from 9 EU countries.

This forecasted scenario, after an introductory general vision for the sector, focuses on nine key pillars of the Circular Economy transition, which are the following: digitalised furniture sector, environmentally conscientious designed products and services, low impact and traceable raw materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, best use and recovery scenarios, customer demands for more environmentally friendly products, sustainable end-of-life scenarios boosted by administration, green public and private procurement schemes and material efficiency policies. All of these are presented with details in the report.

This forecasted scenario will be used in the further steps of the SAWYER project in order to better identify which will be the impact of the Circular Transition on the selected professional profiles in relation to their tasks, skills and knowledge needs and Occupational and Health safety. This information, helping to properly understand how sector workers jobs and their safety will evolve due to the impact of the Circular Economy transition, will provide information to prepare companies and workers to face the coming challenges and opportunities and to improve the content of future European Social Dialogue discussions and collaborations.

Link to: Furniture Sector Forecasted Scenario in relation to Circular Economy in 2030